First National Bank is pleased to offer SHAZAM®BOLT$. SHAZAM®BOLT$™ offers you the convenience to manage your debit card wherever the road takes you! SHAZAM®BOLT$™ delivers a safer, easier and faster solution to protect your accounts.

First National Bank Debit Card holders can access SHAZAM®BOLT$ to do the following: 

  • Fraud Transaction Alerts 24/7
    Sends alerts to you via e-mail, phone or internet on any potentially fraudulent activity
  • NEW! Person-to-Person Money Transfers
    Allows you to send can send or receive money with other SHAZAM®BOLT$ users
  • Transaction Control
    Allows you to temporarily block future transactions on a card if your card has been lost or you are away from home.
  • View balance information for a debit card's primary account
  • Receive Transaction Alerts on purchases and account activity via e-mail, phone or Internet 
  • Check Account Balance
  • Search the ATM locations nationwide

SHAZAM®BOLT$ is also available using your personal computer, laptop or tablet here.

For mobile users, download the SHAZAM®BOLT$ Mobile App  by clicking below.


Download the SHAZAM®BOLT$ Users Guide for more helpful tips on how to manage your debit card, including Person-to-Person payments.