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First National Bank is committed to serving people in the Cedar Valley by providing a variety of lending programs to meet individual and commercial needs. We make business, agriculture, real estate, and personal loans. Loans are made to all persons who qualify, regardless of age (provided the applicant is old enough to contract), race, color, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, receipt of income from public assistance programs, and good faith exercises of any rights under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Personal Loans:
Made to individuals for personal purchases that might include cars, boats, motorcycles, camper, home furnishings, home improvements, computers and other personal needs.

Reserve Checking LIne of Credit (Overdraft Protection):
Whereas the customer has set up, by agreement with the bank, a loan account which will transfer funds to a checking account, should he or she have an overdraft or request short term funds.

Student Loans- Partnership Loan:
First National Bank works with Iowa Student Loan® to offer supplemental private student loans to help you pay for college.*
Partnership Advance Education Loan
The Partnership Advance Education Loan® (Partnership Loan):
  • Provides terms and conditions upfront, so you know what you're getting before you apply.
  • Features variable and fixed interest rates.
  • Lets you defer payments or make interest-only payments while you attend school.
  • Offers benefits such as an interest rate reduction and cosigner release.



*First National Bank is compensated by Iowa Student Loan for the referral of Partnership Loan customers.

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Real-Estate Loans:


Provides for conventional home loans funded by the bank. Rates may be fixed or adjustable. They are made to individuals, secured by their primary residence, building lot, rental property or second home. A variety of loan programs are offered to meet the needs of the individuals.

Secondary Market - loans include long-term, fixed-rate loans and low down-payment loans. (May require private mortgage insurance)

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages - the interest rate for the life of the loan is established when the loan is made. Therefore, your payment (principal and interest) amount and interest rate will never change.
  • First Time Home Buyers Program - designed to help individuals purchase their first home.
  • FHA, VA and FmHA Loans - long-term, fixed-rate mortgage loans. VA loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Government, processed and sold through IBMC.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) - the interest rate on these loan is adjusted periodically, based on current market conditions, and typically has a lower initial interest rate than other types of conventional mortgage loans.

Construction Loans - provide interim funding during the construction phase of the home, then permanent financing is put into place after construction is completed.

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Home Equity Loans:
Made to homeowners to use the equity in their home to finance other major purchases including home improvements, education expenses, loan consolidation or any other worthwhile endeavor. Repayment terms are convenient, flexible and can be modified to fit most budgets. Home Equity Loans may have a possible tax benefit.*

* Consult your tax advisor to determine if your Home Equity Loan provides you with a tax benefit.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) - a revolving line of credit secured by the equity you have in your home. These lines of credit are available up to ten years at a competitive variable rate.

A First National Bank Home Equity Line of Credit is a very convenient way to borrow. Simply write a check to access your line of credit or transfer the funds via online banking. This type of service is ideal for large bills that are due before permanent financing can be put in place. The revolving balance is similar to that of a credit card. Simply borrow what you need, when you need it. Some Restrictions apply. See us for details.

Closed-end Home Equity Loans - a one-time loan advance, secured by the equity in your home. These fixed-rate loans can be amortized up to 10 years. When the balloon balance is due, you can pay off the balance or refinance.

For assistance on any of our home loan products, please see a specialist at the office most convenient for you. 
Heidi Abben, Waverly Downtown - 319.352.1340 (NMLS #844674)
Carrie Beneke, Cedar Falls Downtown - 319.266.2000 (NMLS #716571)
Jeff Bergman, Cedar Falls Downtown - 319.266.2000 (NMLS #715843)
Angi Farley, Cedar Falls Downtown - 319.266.2000 (NMLS #766151)
Alisha Jensen, Waverly West Office - 319.352.3502 (NMLS #716572)
Shirley McKenzie, Waverly Downtown - 319.352.1340 (NMLS #715845)
Linda Schrage, Plainfield  - 319.276.4469 (NMLS # 715508)
Patrick Smith, Cedar Falls Downtown - 319.266.2000 (NMLS #703125)
Rachael Wiebke, Waverly Downtown - 319.352.1340 (NMLS #1098043)



APY as high as: Rate
15 Month Special 1.20%
36 Months Raise-a-Rate** 1.00%
60 Months 1.50%
Savvy Saver 24 Month (21 years and younger) 1.00%
Rates Subject to Change


Home Depot Breach
Home Depot has announced a security breach that has potentially compromised customer names along with debit or credit card information of card holders that made purchases at Home Depot since April 2014. Home Depot is recommending to customers who shopped in U.S. and Canadian stores to monitor their accounts for any suspicious or unusual activity.

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